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Building a City  Worthy of Our Foundation

Building a City

Worthy of Our Foundation

An accessible candidate for an equitable city

I'm Katie Kissel. I love Atlanta and I've dedicated my life to serving the dream that she represents. I bring real neighborhood organizing experience, working hard to bring neighbors together to compromise, practicing intentionality in addressing issues of equity in the arenas in which I have a voice, and honoring the course that the great civil rights leaders of Atlanta's rich history have set us on...a course that leads to an Atlanta that empowers ALL its citizens to thrive.

"Atlanta is my home. 
This is where my children were born.  This is where
I want 
my grandchildren to visit me someday. I want to protect her legacy while moving her forward to becoming the city on a hill I know she is destined to be."

Katie Kissel
Atlanta City Council Candidate - District 5

Income Inequality

Atlanta has been ranked the worst major city for income inequality for years running now. There is no reason that the home of Coca Cola, Home Depot, UPS, Delta, and center of the Civil Rights Movement should have citizens that are struggling to live and thrive without living below the poverty line. Atlantans don’t have access to the basic needs that everyone in this country has a right to: fair wages, affordable housing, affordable food sources, and accessible transportation. We need to work together to create opportunities for ALL Atlantans to thrive. Atlanta needs to invest in job training, creating policies that don't punish certain citizens for simply having less resources, and school quality should never be based on zip codes or redlining legislation from the past.​

Forbes: Income Inequality In America Continues Its Inexorable Rise

Brookings: Some cities are still more unequal than others—an update

Affordable Housing

Atlanta holds one of the highest rates in the southeast region of losses to affordable housing- 1,500 units annually. Rents, as well as the value of single-family homes in Atlanta are sky-rocketing due to the building of luxury condo/apartment complexes and single family homes. Without thoughtful and intentional adjustments to regulations on zoning and development we will price low-income and working class Atlantans out of the city for good. We must focus on smart density and incentivizing development that creates more affordable housing, not disappears it.

GSU Urban Institute: Atlanta’s Affordable Housing Shrinking 


Atlantans need safe, cheap, accessible ways to get to work, the doctor, to school, and to play. There is no reason that some neighborhoods of Atlanta don’t offer safe sidewalks for pedestrians to use to get to the store or the bus stop, roads full of potholes, and a lack of rapid transit. We must improve rapid transit options, expand MARTA, and build light rail along the Beltline to realize the original equitable dream of what the Beltline was designed to be.

Saporta Report: Ryan Gravel and Nathaniel Smith resign from BeltLine Partnership board over equity concerns

AJC: Audit reveals Atlanta road and infrastructure projects underfunded due to misspending

Together we can build Atlanta into a city worthy of her foundation

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